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We live in a world where energy costs continue to escalate and the search for long-term sustainable solutions offers no short-term answers. Power is required to run the all-important and necessary machinery of industry. Anova Power presents the GRIDMASTER Range. The GRIDMASTER cobra produces 20kWh per unit, from waste heat in your business. Available now, directly from the manufacturer - Anova Power.

To save money on your electricity bills, click on the GRIDMASTER for details.


We have also recognised that there are solutions all around us, often provided by nature itself. We have focused on harnessing waste heat found in the earth, air and water to heat and cool buildings and created the ELEMENTOR Range of products.

To find out how you can reduce the cost of heating and cooling, simply click on the ELEMENTOR and discover the possibilities.

Wouldn't it be gratifying to know that, in addition to reducing your energy costs, you're contributing to a sustainable future for all? So, take the first step in reducing your costs and carbon footprint simultaneously. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation assessment.

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Aria - Babelsberger Straße

Case Study - Aria - Babelsberger Straße

Heat pumps use energy stored in the air and convert this to heat for space heating and hot water production. Low temperature energy from the air is collected through a refrigerant cycle, which converts this energy to higher temperatures for use inside the home.

Total heated release: 340 kWh - Reduction in heating costs: 40%

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